This page collects the deliverables of Project NEON and other documents and materials related to the project.

The last update: 30.04.2024.

WP1. Consolidation of ex-ante analysis and preparation of implementation actions


D1.1 Consolidated analysis of educational/industrial needs on IoT in Argentina and Uruguay

D1.2 Consolidated project plan of implementation actions

WP2. Development of network of competence on IoT


D2.1 Report on management platform to coordinate the NoC

D2.2 Report on the creation of the legal framework for the NoC

D2.3 Report that defines the governance of the NoC

D2.4 Report on network implementation

WP3. Teaching methodologies, material and modernization of study programmes


D3.1 Web repository for class and lab sessions material

D3.2 Report on the modernized teaching methodologies applied to IoT courses

D3.3 Teaching and training materials for new and modernized IoT courses

D3.4 Delivery of teaching and training classes for new and modernized IoT courses

WP4. Development and implementation of laboratories


D4.1 Report on the laboratory infrastructure and equipment at each LA university

D4.2 Report on the created five joint university-company labs ruled by an agreement

WP5. Training and internship implementation


D5.1 Report on the training/internships website section

D5.2 Report on the framework for training and internships

D5.3 Report on organized hackathons for students of the region

D5.4 Report on student training modules on technical and entrepreneurial subjects

D5.5 Report on teacher training modules

WP6. Quality Control and Monitoring


D6.1 Establishment of Quality Control (QC) board and appointment of external experts for QC

D6.2 Development of guidelines for QC (Quality Plan)

D6.3a Reports on project implementation

D6.3b Second Report on Project Implementation

D6.3c Third Report on Project Implementation

D6.4 Report on graduates profile improvements and correspondence to industry needs

D6.5 Report on tools for monitoring students enrolment and employability/employment/entrepreneurial statistics of graduates

D6.6 Reports on stakeholders reached beyond the project consortium

WP7. Dissemination and exploitation of project outcomes

2021 Newsletter

2022 Newsletter

2023 Newsletter


D7.1 Central project web platform linked to the e-platforms developed in other WPs

D7.2 Report on exploitation and dissemination plan

D7.3 Preparation and delivery of dissemination reports and informative material

D7.4 Report on open events to reach the community-at-large and disseminate the results at ICT conferences. [The deliverable is divided into three parts]:

D7.5 Report on yearly webinars (hosted in turn by the HEIs partners) broadcasted to all locations

D7.6 Establishment of agreements for future double degrees, student mobility beyond the project duration

D7.7 Report on agreement for the maintenance of the web platforms beyond the project lifetime

D7.8 Report on partnerships for follow-up projects involving industry

WP8. Project coordination and management


D8.1 Report on the project management (PM) board and its establishment

D8.2 Report on the project management (PM) e-platform for sharing documentation

D8.3 Mid-term report [SUBMITTED]

D8.4 Final report [SUBMITTED]